Kingsworth Associates

There will be many different reasons why the shareholders of a privately-owned company may be seeking to raise funds, ranging from building a war chest for strategic acquisitions, recapitalising the balance sheet, buying out minority shareholders through to bringing on board angel investors.

When a client is contemplating a fund-raising exercise, Kingsworth's advice will focus on:

  • an analysis of the most appropriate type(s) of additional finance which the company should seek, having regard to the existing balance sheet structure, the reasons for raising the finance, and the likely impact on the company’s shareholders;
  • advice on the likely sources of finance, covering high street banks, venture capitalists, business angels and high net worth individuals, and government and similar grants;
  • introductions to selected companies and individuals from the source(s) of finance deemed most suitable for a client company at the relevant stage of its development cycle; and
  • advice on the negotiation, structuring and impact of the resulting loan and/or investment agreements.