Kingsworth Associates

Pursuing an acquisition strategy, whether seeking to make a one-off acquisition or a series of acquisitions, demands a rigorous assessment and analysis of the motives and rationale for doing so.

In relation to a client contemplating an aquisition, Kingsworth’s advice typically encompasses:

  • a discussion about the rationale and objectives for pursuing an acquisition strategy, both in isolation and in relation to alternative ways of achieving a client company’s goals both strategic and financial;
  • assistance with the identification, selection and evaluation of potential targets;
  • approaching the selected target(s) to assess their appetite for selling;
  • advice on and assistance with sourcing finance for the transaction;
  • leading the negotiations with the selected target(s) on valuation, price, and the structure of the consideration to be offered;
  • assistance with the selection of other professional advisers and co-ordination of the services provided by them, including due diligence investigations into the target(s); and
  • advice on tactics and negotiation of the terms of the proposed transaction through to completion.